` Advanced Technology

She, is Fast…

Using the breakthrough「3-Second Instant Heat Technology」 to replace traditional boilers, it heats at 100 times faster. In 「3 seconds」, water can be heated up to 100°c from room temperature.


She, is Fresh & Energy Saving…

Designed without a water tank to avoid 24-hour energy consumption for repeated boiling.
「 Freshly 」 heated water available instantly. Helps you to save more than 50% energy.


She, is Healthy…

「 NCA Coral Alkaline Water Technology 」 is built inside the Water Bar Using Coral Calcium & natural mineral stones to develop a unique formulation. any type of water produced from any water filters, including the acidic RO water filter. will be transformed into Coral alkaline water once it is connected to the Refined Water Dispenser. She takes care of you and your family’s health. (NCA Alkaline Water Technology is only applicable to WaterBar+ model)

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