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Mini_Platinum Coral_Platinum Water_bar Master_Filter
Coral Mini Coral Water Bar Master Filter

Water Purifier No Longer Ugly

We think the water purifier should not be an ugly tool hidden in the kitchen. They deserve more respect. They should be the symbol of health, happiness and beautiful life. DIAMOND CORAL, the masterpiece of renowned European designer, which took over 4 years to accomplish, that integrated the art of refined and advanced water technology in one.

She is stylish, simple, perfect, cool, elegant, refined and extraordinary. She is beautiful. We believe, this is The World’s First Refined Water Machine – DIAMOND CORAL


The Glitter of 720° Beauty

DIAMOND CORAL, her silky smooth touch and elegant structure are stunning. She is simply beautiful, from all angles. The glitter of DIAMOND Coral is perfectly presented in full dimensional 720°. No matter how you view it, from top, side or bottom, she’s simply beautiful. Her refined solid surface with silky matte finishing in the beautiful size makes it a collectible item for a modern family’s kitchen.

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