` Advanced Water Technology
Mini_Platinum Coral_Platinum Water_bar Master_Filter
Coral Mini Coral Water Bar Master Filter

Water, The More Natural The Better It Is

Water is life. DIAMOND always believe natural is the best. We selected premium quality natural materials that are internationally safety certified to fabricate the filters, which including precious diatomite, natural coral calcium, coconut shell based activated carbon, bamboo charcoal based activated carbon and many more. These materials are certified by authoritative agency from USA, guaranteed no harmful substances will be released. Then, we designed the technology that simulates the principle of water purification from nature which works without electricity, perfectly purifies water and removes rust, dust, bacteria, chemical components and heavy metals such as aluminum, iron, copper, lead and many others, and finally produces drinking water that meet the safety standards set by World Health Organization (WHO).


All the natural water on earth contain numerous mineral elements that are beneficial to human body and pH are mild alkaline. [NCA Coral Alkaline Water Technology] took a step further from water purification by enlivening the purified water. Our water specialists use various billion-year mineral ores, such as natural Maifan stone, coral calcium, tourmaline to mineralize the water; the water quality is uplifted to that is comparable to the natural spring water, enriched with minerals and alkaline pH.

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