` Filter Design
Mini_Platinum Coral_Platinum Water_bar Master_Filter
Coral Mini Coral Water Bar Master Filter

20 Times More Purifying Materials
Excellent Purification Performance

There is a correlation between the contact surface of purifying materials with the water and the performance of the purifier. The greater contact surface established, the greater performance it is. Theoretically, bigger filter space would contain more purifying materials to increase the contact surface, so performance would get relatively better. In contrast, smaller filter would contain lesser materials which relatively reduce the contact surface and performance as well. DIAMOND CORAL uses up to 6 filters multiple-filter design that can contain up to [20 times more purifying materials] comparing to the smaller or single filter machine, to guarantee greater performance and gives you extra peace of mind.


10 Times More Water Flowing Path
Optimum Purification Performance

Even the best materials also require sufficient contact time with water to work to its best. DIAMOND CORALS’s multiple-filter is designed to increase the contact surface and also to lengthen the water flowing path in the filter, so the water would have sufficient contact time with the purifying materials to achieve greater performance relatively. We learnt from our 20 years’ experience that performance of the smaller or single filter design is immensely reduced due to lesser contact surface and shorter contact time resulted from shorter water flowing path. Therefore, we have always being so firm with multiple-filter design all these years.