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Q : What is the difference between DIAMOND water machine and other water purifiers in the market?
A : The [DIAMOND CORAL series] water machine is the creation that took over 4 years to accomplish by renowned European designer and world’s top water specialists, which combined the art of refined and natural water technology in one. She is world’s first refined water machine. She has brought the traditional water purifiers into history. She is refined, beautiful and you will love it at your first sight on her! She is as charming as other refined piece you could find in the world. Besides, DIAMOND CORAL produces alkaline water with precious coral calcium.

Q : What is so unique about DIAMOND CORAL’s water technology?
A : DIAMOND believes natural is the best. The water technology of the latest[ DIAMOND CORAL series] is developed with reference to the water purification principle of the nature. DIAMOND CORAL is using variety of natural purifying materials including diatomite, coral calcium, natural coconut shell based activated carbon, bamboo charcoal activated carbon; with her multiple-filter design (3-6 filters) to create a unique water purifying system. This system has superior water purification capability and proven able to remove harmful bacteria, organic pollutants, radioactive substances and heavy metals, while retaining beneficial minerals at the same time.


Q : Why is DIAMOND using multiple-filter (3-6 filters) design?
A : A high performance water system must fulfill various prerequisites. Amongst, there these 3 basic prerequisites:

i.the quality of the purifying materials that determine safety and effectiveness of a system. Besides being recognized as premium quality (best if certified by NSF), the materials must not release or dissolve any toxic compounds. The entire product must put through safety test and being certified with WQA/NSF Gold Seal certification.

ii. Sufficient materials: there are various effective materials in the market. However, if the quantity of the materials in filters is insufficient, the contact surface with water would reduce, and this will affect the ultimate performance relatively.

iii. Sufficient contact time with water: even the best materials require sufficient contact time with water to work to its best. DIAMOND’s multiple-filter design is mainly to increase the contact surface, and more importantly to extend the water flowing path to increase contact time. This design would help to achieve ultimate performance. We learnt from our over 20 years’ research that performance of smaller or single-filter designed water purifiers are greatly reduced due to insufficient quantity of materials and contact time with water. Therefore, we have been firmly holding onto multiple-filter design all these years.

Q : What kind of technology that DIAMOND water machine is using to remove heavy metals in the water?
A : DIAMOND water machine consists of multiple filters (3-6 filters) which provide extra protection. Most importantly, this design may contain more purifying materials due to extended space of the filters and achieve better filtration performance, if comparing to those single-filter purifier in the market.

DIAMOND water machine uses premium quality natural coconut shell based activated carbon block and KDF. These materials are highly effective in removing heavy metals, such as aluminum, lead, iron, copper and many more, in the water. In common circumstances, our performance could go up to 99% and meet the international drinking water safety standards.

If there is a requirement to treat a severely polluted water, e.g. 5 or 10 times more excessive heavy metal pollutants, customer may additionally install an ion exchange filter or resin filter for better performance. (Items can be purchased from DIAMOND)

Q : Can DIAMOND water machine filter organic pollutants?
A : DIAMOND water machine adopts the combination of natural purifying materials and multiple-filter design, passed the VOC organic pollutants removal test under WQA/NSF 53 from USA. She is proven to be able to remove various harmful organic pollutants.


Q :Does DIAMOND water machine has any quality certification?
A : Our[DIAMOND CORAL series]water machine is world’s few that received quality and safety performance - NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 Gold Seal Certification from「Water Quality Association (WQA), USA」. The entire product, including all parts and accessories, are put through over 200 safety and performance test in order to obtain the Gold Seal Certification. Products that are certified under this certification is proven 100% safe for use.

NSF: NATIONAL SANITATION FOUNDATION, designated partner of World Health Organization (WHO) in food and drinking water safety and treatment.

Q : Is DIAMOND water alkaline water? What is the difference with electrolytic water?
A : All water produced from [DIAMOND CORAL series]water machine are mild alkaline water. The major difference with electrolytic water is the technology of producing alkaline water. DIAMOND adopts pure and natural purifying materials, i.e. [coral calcium] to produce alkaline water. This is also one of the methods of the nature to produce natural alkaline water. It has 3 characteristics:

i. while producing alkaline water, beneficial minerals are being released into the water at the same time;

ii. alkaline water produced based on the mineral compounds in coral calcium is stable. Its pH will not change no matter how long it is exposed in the air. In contrast, pH of electrolytic water will change after a few hours due to oxidization.

iii. DIAMOND’s water technology does not require electricity and does not produce waste water.

Q :What are the difference between DIAMOND CORAL Mini and CORAL?
A : There are 2 major categories under the[DIAMOND CORAL series]water machine, i.e. Purified series and Alkaline Life Water series. CORAL Mini (3-filter design) is mainly focus on purifying water while CORAL (6-filter design) has additional feature, i.e. enlivening the purified water due to her extended space to contain more purifying materials. Our water specialists use various billion-year mineral ores including Maifan stone, coral calcium, tourmaline and many more to mineralized and magnetized water, and turned the water into premium quality alkaline water. You will be surprised with the benefits that brings to you at every single moment.