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Our Belief

DIAMOND, founded in 1995, is one of the renowned brands under NEP Holdings. Accumulated more than one million customers over the years, business widely covers Great China & Asia Pacific. It is one of the International Water Filtration System Leading Brands.

We adopted The Art of Refined in our development concept, from product development, marketing, management to service; Refined is the goal. We believe Refined Life is the mother of human civilization, the orientation of future lifestyle. The Art of Refined, it is so profound and only Crazy Love could create ultimate achievements.

DIAMOND believes water is vital. We are crazily in love with this element that benefits all living things. A new series, We believe, this is The World’s First Refined Water Machine, is hence created.


There are so many brands of water purifiers in the market.
Everyone claims to have the best technology, the best theory and so on.
But who is the best? Who can be trusted?

International Recognized Certification and Safety Testing

DIAMOND CORAL water machine is world's few being accredited [NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 Entire Product Quality and Safety Testing Gold Seal Certification] by USA Water Quality Association (WQA). NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) is the designated partner of World Health Organization (WHO) in food and drinking water safety and treatment. The certification involved nearly 200 safety and performance testing; and will only be awarded after all required safety and performance measurements are met. The certification is so stringent hence it is recognized as the most authoritative certification internationally.


NSF/ANSI 42&53 Gold
Seal Certification by USA
Water Quality Association (WQA)


Believe in Yourself

Choose a water machine that fits you. Apart from the certification of quality and performance, there are other factors you should put into consideration, such as exterior design, filter design, filter replacement package, service and maintenance. All brands are making claims for being the best, but which one suits you and your family best? Believe in yourself, believe in your own experience….this is the best way! DIAMOND is exclusively providing [180 Days Product Satisfaction Refund Guarantee] to you. You are welcomed to return the product to us without any condition, if you do not find satisfaction within the time. We let you decide with your own experience, so you will have no regrets shopping.


DIAMOND 180 Days
Product Satisfaction
Refund Guarantee